We Married Now I Need a Man

12:19 PM

I am a jealous person.

So, I am struggling with trying to understand the concept of an open marriage. I need believers of this type of relationship to explain it to me in toddler terms.

I am talking about two people who are so in love with one another they get married (which I thought was a commitment . . .call me old fashion)then go off and get sidepieces.

First, off I would never enter into this type of relationship and if my man were to suggest it . . I would suggest he get up out my bed and get going.

I just don't get it. What about STD's and unwanted pregnancies?

And like I said I am a jealous vindictive person. Let say I have by some round the bout way agreed to this type of relationship. Only with the understanding I never see or hear anything about her. Then, one day I see this woman. She is not only beautiful, but she got a banging body.

Next morning.

Him: "Honey, could you bring me a glass of juice?"

Me: "I tell you what. You want some juice, ride your behind out to your side piece's house and get some."

Him: "I thought we agreed . . ."

Me: *pulling his clothes out the closet (thinks: that was before I seen she looked better than me).

The sad thing is even if she were ugly I would still get upset. I know he ain't sleep with someone who looks like that. She could have at least been better looking.

What about the emotional side of this type of relationship?

What if I (or him) began to fall in love with the other person?

What about this type of marriage am I missing?

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