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Speaking to Me

You ever hear a song and think to yourself, "that song came on just for me".
The funny thing about that thought is, there were eight other songs played before that one. But somehow we (at least I) tend to forget that little fact and can only focus on the song that is being played just for me.
SMH. It is not like I just turned on the radio or played a CD and the song came on with a dj anouncing, "Sharon, this song is for you and will help you through this time of ___(fill in blank).

I not only do this with songs, I do this with quotes I stumble on or a story, or whatever else I come across that "fit" into my situation.

It just amuses me so much at my silliness.

If only it were so easy. If only when I am standing at a crossroad in life . . . a song or quote could tell me what to do. Instead, I find myself (for days even weeks) wondering which road to take.


Quick said… got some spam in the comments (i hate when that happens)...but i feel you. This happens with me w/music mostly
MsKnowitAll said…
Wouldn't it be nice if there were visible, audible, hell any kind of sensory sign to pop up just when you need to make a huge decision?!?!

Or perhaps the songs, the quotes or the stories are placed strategically in your life for just that appropriate moment...
We all wish this, i just get down and pray to God, open up the Bible and see if I find the answer....sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt

But one day

It will all make Sense
Anonymous said…

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I definitely do that with music. Music has always been the backdrop to alot of really cool things that have happened to me so when a song comes on I am immediately transported in time. I love it.
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