Sorry, You Coveted

10:52 AM

The news and gossip sites have been filled lately with side pieces seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

Riddle me this?

When did it become acceptable to be the mistress? When did we start offering the mistress more empathy than the wife?

Yeah, I made a comment when Tiger's harem was found out about, "She had to know".
I mean come on . . . what?. . .15 women and she never smelled the fishiness on him?

I felt she choose to ignore the obvious. Come on ladies, admit it . . we will ignore seeing the obvious faults in our relationships when we got love in our eyes.

But, then the porn star had the nerve . . . the 'don't my twat mean something' audacity to be on television with her 'I hate men' lawyer, and demand an apology.


She deserves an apology like I need another voice talking in my head (wish they stop).
I digress.
They done set the women's rights movement back 10 years

Don't get it twisted homegirl, you are nothing more than a piece on the side. Do not expect someone to feel sympathy for your behind. You are a grown woman (making grown woman movies) you knew what you were getting into. And get over the fact he 'cheated' on you with other women . . . STUPID HE WAS CHEATING ON HIS WIFE WITH YOU. . . what made you think you be special.

Then we have a side piece posing (in a shirt and with stuff animals) in magazines and telling the media what was wrong with the wife.


What's wrong with her is she the bigger person and didn't show up at your house to whip your *ss after she took a golf club . . .er . . bat. . . to her husband.

Sorry, that was wrong to write, violence is NEVER the answer (unless you messed with one of my children then bunk that I am taking a . . .darn . . I digress . . it's those voices again).

Here is my opinion, I think a woman that chooses to be a man's sidepiece may suffer from low self-esteem. Why else would you choose to love someone who does not plan on being with you freely.
And if you choose to take this type of relationship then live with the consequence of your actions and your broken heart (I live with mine and there is never a wife).

The Bible says . . . "thou shalt not covet they neighbor's husband"

So, ladies please step out of the limelight and back into the dim bedroom from where you belong.

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