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My Resolution and Other Thoughts.

Happy 2010 to all of you.

Last year (2009), I made 7 resolutions. I will not be re-listing them because I failed at all of them. I mean I didn't even make it to the start line.

So, this year I am making no resolutions. Whatever happens . . . will happen.

That doesn't mean I don't have a few hopes, dreams, and a couple of goals.

But, I am not writing them down in my blood. I am just going with the flow.


A few months ago I deleted all my archive posts. Two years of post gone.

It was an attempt to start over. Which I have not begun because I keep putting this blog last.
Maybe I can find the effort in me to blog at least weekly.

I have started the new year with if you don't like me get the f*ck out my life attitude. A "I am tired of everything" attitude.

Something I am going to have to work out.

I must say that in the area of business I have made a small step or two. So, I am pleased by that but, I know I have to step up my a game if I am going to make it.

I hope each of my favorite bloggers and friends have a great dreams come true year. If you are reading this that wish is for you.


Luv said…
Hey love,

Happy New Year to you and may all of your hopes and dreams come true!!! Who needs a resolution when you can make small changes daily.

It seems like everyone is so ready for positive changes..I am loving the vibe..whenever you find the time to blog, I will be here ready to laugh, cry, clap, stomp, and roll my eyes with you in true royal fashion.
Sheliza said…
I certainly hope you reach all or at least most of your goals. Here's to the best for all of us in 2010 and remember we can CHOOSE to be the best!!
MsKnowitAll said…
I completed n'ar one of my 2009 resolutions! I simply resolved to do better.

I started the New Year with an eff-you attitude but it quickly dissolved. I have no ammo and no motivation to fight.

I wish you all the best, this year and every year after. May everything you put your hand, fingers, head to flourish!... and yes, may we finally meet in 2010.

Just so you know, my lips are touted up! LOL
That is the reason I never make resolutions. I think change is a gradual thing and I should always work on being better. A better person, better friend, better sister, better daughter, etc.

Wishing you many successes in the business prospects.

To REAL happiness in 2010!!
*Raising coffee mug in salute*
I don't make resolutions because I always break them anyway. lol
Sultana said…
I never make resolutions anymore too. Hope all goes well for you this year!
Quick said…
I'm digging the new layout!
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