My Resolution and Other Thoughts.

12:50 PM

Happy 2010 to all of you.

Last year (2009), I made 7 resolutions. I will not be re-listing them because I failed at all of them. I mean I didn't even make it to the start line.

So, this year I am making no resolutions. Whatever happens . . . will happen.

That doesn't mean I don't have a few hopes, dreams, and a couple of goals.

But, I am not writing them down in my blood. I am just going with the flow.


A few months ago I deleted all my archive posts. Two years of post gone.

It was an attempt to start over. Which I have not begun because I keep putting this blog last.
Maybe I can find the effort in me to blog at least weekly.

I have started the new year with if you don't like me get the f*ck out my life attitude. A "I am tired of everything" attitude.

Something I am going to have to work out.

I must say that in the area of business I have made a small step or two. So, I am pleased by that but, I know I have to step up my a game if I am going to make it.

I hope each of my favorite bloggers and friends have a great dreams come true year. If you are reading this that wish is for you.

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