It's Been so Long

2:47 PM

Hello everyone.

It has been a minute. I am doing just fine. Thank you Rich, Kelly, and Lena for the emails and phone calls.

I have been trying to concentrate on my future plans. One of which involves QinH. And doing so has not left me much time for personal networking. I haven't even twittered (until today) and it was so addictive.

I just needed to really focus on business cause I can not miss out on another year of unfulling my goals.
I'll be discussing my 2009 resolutions and how I didn't achieve them and my new goals in a later post.

It's my favorite time of year and it's time . . . Christmas. But I am so behind on everything from shopping to decorating. Been listening to a lot of Christmas music. . . which has inspired another post I am going to put up.

So, in short I am going to be dilligently working on business . . because guess what April is the official opening and start of everything but I am going to make time for this spot . . .cause I missed it and I missed all of you.

Don't worry . . .it wasn't all work and no play. I have been to the mall.

(Always making a fool of myself)

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