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It's Been so Long

Hello everyone.

It has been a minute. I am doing just fine. Thank you Rich, Kelly, and Lena for the emails and phone calls.

I have been trying to concentrate on my future plans. One of which involves QinH. And doing so has not left me much time for personal networking. I haven't even twittered (until today) and it was so addictive.

I just needed to really focus on business cause I can not miss out on another year of unfulling my goals.
I'll be discussing my 2009 resolutions and how I didn't achieve them and my new goals in a later post.

It's my favorite time of year and it's time . . . Christmas. But I am so behind on everything from shopping to decorating. Been listening to a lot of Christmas music. . . which has inspired another post I am going to put up.

So, in short I am going to be dilligently working on business . . because guess what April is the official opening and start of everything but I am going to make time for this spot . . .cause I missed it and I missed all of you.

Don't worry . . .it wasn't all work and no play. I have been to the mall.

(Always making a fool of myself)


Sheliza said…
Sharon, I am on my break now. I am still blogging just shying away from the social network scene for a bit. It has really improved my focus so I guess it's working so far. Best of luck to you on your business ventures :)
Was wondering where you'd been. Glad everything is good. The best of luck on the new business!!
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Glad you are doing okay. I figured you were working, but I didn't want to just assume all was fine. Plus, I wanted you to know you were missed.
MsKnowitAll said…
I missed ya Girlie!

I need to give up facebook but I just can't!

It's necessary to take some time off to do you. I'm posting about my unaccomplished goals this year as well.

I'm glad I have your email so that I can get in touch with you. I am just glad that you're doing fine.
Havent been over here in awhile. Thanks for checking in. I wish you luck in all your business endeavors! Happy Holidays!
clnmike said…
Handle your business, thats the most important thing but dont forget to say hi.
Quick said…
I'm glad you've come back to us! lol
Anonymous said…
You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.