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Christmas Music

One of my favorite things about Christmas . . .besides the lights, foods, goodies, presents, cheer, parties . . .look I love this time of year. . . is music.

I love Christmas music. At work Christmas music keeps a smile on my face. Even when others are trying to take me to that unhappy place.

I love so many Christmas songs. . .there are not many that come on the radio that I don't sing a long with.

Since it is Christmas time and I am now filled with holiday spirit . . .

I have decided to share a list of ten. . .of my holiday favorites.

10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

It doesn't matter who sings this song. I pretty much like every version.

9.Someday at Christmas:

Now I have heard other people sing this song and I like them. The Jackson 5 and Mary J. Blige. However, I prefer Stevie Wonder.

8. Carol of the Bells:

This was my favorite song to sing when I was in the choir in high school.
Here it it being song by the Harlem Boys Choir . . .wish it was actual footage of them. Those boys sound so good.

7. Happy Christmas (war is over):

I love this song by John Lennon and only John Lennon.

6. What Child is This:

For religious songs (which could have been the entire list) . . I don't have a favorite person or group who I prefer. I just like someone who knows how to sang.

5. Give Love on Christmas Day:

I know I know . . I like the Jackson 5 version. . I love me some Michael. Yet and still Johnny Gill edges over theirs with his voice for me. "What the world needs is love yes the world needs my love" okay your love.

4. I Can't Hardly Wait for Christmas:

This song has to be sung by the O'Jays only.

3. Silent Night:

Now I know that the Temptations version is a staple in many of our households. I grew up loving theirs myself. So I included it here.

However I am so sorry . . . when I heard Boyz II Men. They had me ready to fall to my knees and pray. leaves me breathless every time.

2. This Christmas:

Yeah I have heard everyone and their momma sing my song . .but only Donny Hathaway is welcome here.

1. Oh Holy Night:

My favorite song. I have loved this song since I first heard it as a young girl.

Listen to me people . . .every one can NOT sing this song. .so please if you can't don't. Nothing is worse then hearing someone try to sing my song and CAN'T.

I am going to bring you two people who can sing.

Josh Groban

Celine Dion


SLC said…
Thank you so much for including This Christmas on the list. You know, the REAL this Christmas. Until Lalah Hathaway does a remake Donny's is the only one that counts.

Your entire list is great, and I totally agree, the music helps make this season special.

I pray yours is blessed.

I love Christmas music too! I should probably do a post myself.

Some of my favorites are Have A very merry christmas by TLC

Let it Snow by Boyz II Men

I like Give Love by the Jackson 5

and Silent Night by the Tempations
my dad used to play that on a record player when I was little!

Happy Holidays!
Quick said…
I love "Carole of the Bells" (Destiny's Child) & "Silent Night" (Boyz II Men)'s something about harmony that moves me, lol
It doesn't feel like the hoidays until you hear Donnie Hathaway and the Temptations version of Silent Night. Classics!

I like your entire list.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
You made some great selections. I could hear Stevie, Johnny, The Ojay's, The Temps,and definitely Donny.

Side note - a few years back, I sang This Christmas during a Christmas Carol Recital at work. That was before Chris Brown came out with his version.

I heard Joe singing a Christmas song on The Steve Harvey show the other day and there is supposed to be a cd out featuring artists singing Christmas music. I think you can only get it online. I wish I could remember the site name. If I do, I'll come back and let you know what it is.
clnmike said…
These were good picks.
Sultana said…
Mine has got to be Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt, just so sexy! Hope you had a good one.
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