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At this moment, even as I type this, my life and everything around me is very disorganized.
My room, that room, this room, my desk, my computer, my files, my bookshelf, my purse, my papers, my thoughts. . . the list goes on.

So, I am taking this weekend to organize everything. Top to bottom and all in between.
Too bad , that isn't for four more days.
So for the next four days I am officially trifling.

I am hoping this cleaning and organizing will help me get back on the path to . . . being on top of things.

A clean house is a clean mind.

At this moment, I am making little notes and lists of thing to pay particular attention to.

Besides, cleaning and organizing . . .I am making myself a calender to live/work by.

I have so much work in front of me. . .and there are deadlines on some of these and those with no deadline soon still need completed. There is research, writing, cleaning, blogging . . . I am hoping a schedule will help take away the overwhelmed feelings.


On another note. . .

I need a good survey or activity to do.


MsKnowitAll said…
Now you might get me for this...
But didn't you clean up not too long ago and post some pics? And now you're disorganized again?

Ok, I'm done! Sorry :-)

A clean house is indeed a clean mind/sound mind. I know how things can become disorganized just from your dailies so take the time this weekend to reorder. You will feel great once it's done.
Robyn said…
new activity-master has away of stealing time.
How have you been?
clnmike said…
Yeah a good cleaning does wonder for the mind.
Lys said…
You can do it! I know I'm facing the same issue - and I'm determined to hammer out an editorial calendar for the blogs for a change and stick to it. Just too much goin' on and chaos all around doesn't help a gal... *sigh*

I'm sure my suggestion won't be a good one - shoe shoppin' ;)
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