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Come and talk to me

How easy is it for you to talk dirty to someone?

I mean over the phone.

Is it easy for you to tell someone want you want them to do to you or want you would like to do to them?

Personally, I get shy and tongue tied.

How do I overcome it?


Sylvia Hubbard said…
i do the double connotation kinda thing.

or I talk in a low whisper as if I'm telling him a secret.

Lying down helps with the sensuality of the voice.
τreciä said…
use your imagination. Which will lead to an Oscar nominee.
Jaded said…
lol. I don't do phone sex. Text sex is more my cup of tea lollolololol. I just dont have it in me. I'm not serious enough I laugh and giggle make jokes too much.
clnmike said…
I have to set the atmosphere where Im at, dim lights, music playing, drink on the side.
Tiffany Nicole said…
It's all mental. Seduction is a mental attitude.

1. Envision what you like. Recreate that place in your mind. See it, feel it, smell it and hear it. Think specific colors, textures, tastes. go there in your mind.

2. Close your eyes and let it roll of your tongue. You're creative! You already have it in you! Once your mind is there let yor tongue speak what the experience.

You could always read some erotic lit for inspiration too!