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* Ohhh I'm down wit you baby it gets so hard for me to focus I'll say a prayer so that nothin happens to ya waiting on your phone call saying baby wont you come back to me (ohh ohh) and when you get back I cant wait to hug and kiss ya cant wait to demonstrate just how much I miss you you take my breath away (you take my breath away)... all I ever think about is you (Chrisette Michelle)

Y'all just don't understand . . . those lines right there are some of my favorites from a song. And the emotion she uses when singing them . . . are so perfect for how I feel. just so perfect.

The way I feel . . .I have never felt before.

* I want to create an app. Either for MySpace of Facebook. Actually, both. I have the idea and details worked out just need to learn the technical aspects.

* I have a thing for sunflower seeds. . . I buy the big bags of them and while I watch T.V. or type or read . . .I eat them. I keep a bag or Styrofoam cup handy to spit the shells in.

Do Not judge me!

* I really want a home cooked meal of . . .greens, sweet potatoes, baked mac and cheese . . . I just need a chef to cook for me.
When I hit the big times that is one of the first things I want to get . . .a personal chef.

* Lastly . . .

Naomi is utterly and fantastically amazing beautiful:


clnmike said…
"I keep a bag or Styrofoam cup handy to spit the shells in."

I do the exact same thing, half the fun is sucking on the salt, cracking them and spitting the shells out, hell the seed is an after thought.
Clnmike . . .Isn't that the truth. My daughter asked me why don't I buy the shell-less ones.
I am like what is the point of that? That's why I buy them for the shell.
Rich Fitzgerald said…
Go for that app thing. If you can make it work for the iphone, you could make some big books.
Quick said…
Naomi looks amazing on that cover...she will forever be a bad bisch; lol
MsKnowitAll said…
I love the Chrisette Michele lyrics and that song is one of my faves.

I'm so happy that you're still feeling the strong emotions. You deserve it.

Go for the app! Go for it!

The Naomi pic is breathtaking. Indeed she is beautiful.
Sultana said…
Make that App! Personal chef...probably the most indulgent thing ever. :)
I'm glad you found someone to make you feel that way. An App Huh? For the Queen in Heels site? very enterprising move..good luck with that! At least you have a cup to spit the seeds in, I had a roomate in college who would just leave the shells on the computer desk Ek!

Wow just got the right titty out bam! She is pretty though
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