10:38 AM

* Ohhh I'm down wit you baby it gets so hard for me to focus I'll say a prayer so that nothin happens to ya waiting on your phone call saying baby wont you come back to me (ohh ohh) and when you get back I cant wait to hug and kiss ya cant wait to demonstrate just how much I miss you you take my breath away (you take my breath away)... all I ever think about is you (Chrisette Michelle)

Y'all just don't understand . . . those lines right there are some of my favorites from a song. And the emotion she uses when singing them . . . are so perfect for how I feel. just so perfect.

The way I feel . . .I have never felt before.

* I want to create an app. Either for MySpace of Facebook. Actually, both. I have the idea and details worked out just need to learn the technical aspects.

* I have a thing for sunflower seeds. . . I buy the big bags of them and while I watch T.V. or type or read . . .I eat them. I keep a bag or Styrofoam cup handy to spit the shells in.

Do Not judge me!

* I really want a home cooked meal of . . .greens, sweet potatoes, baked mac and cheese . . . I just need a chef to cook for me.
When I hit the big times that is one of the first things I want to get . . .a personal chef.

* Lastly . . .

Naomi is utterly and fantastically amazing beautiful:

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